A BBC Scotland complaint – Ignoring Brexit Analysis

Below is a complaint submitted to the BBC relating to the February 7th edition of Reporting Scotland.  The flagship news programme had ignored a story that broke earlier that day relating to the publication of Brexit Analysis papers and their conclusion relating to Scotland.


Complaint submitted on February 8th

On February 7th the House of Commons published a breakdown of the Brexit Analysis papers that had been leaked just over a week earlier.  The papers showed that Brexit would have a negative impact on Scottish growth.  The impact on Scotland was worse than the UK average.

The inclusion of a breakdown for Scotland called into question comments made by David Mundell on November 2nd when he gave evidence to a Holyrood Committee.  Mr Mundell said no such breakdown existed.

The story was thus of very significant interest to Scotland.  However the 18:30 edition of Reporting Scotland ignored the story completely.  Below is every story covered on the tea-time edition of Reporting Scotland.

1. Police Scotland
2. Lab MP Racism
3. Mortuary viewing
4. Plumber faulty boiler install
5. Skiers found
6. Sea pollution
7. Children mental health
8. Justin Timberlake
9. Silent movie Scot

The failure to cover the official publication of the Brexit Analysis papers on BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme is inexcusable.  Also missing from the programme was Scottish Govt analysis published that day that concluded UK Govt plans to cut net migration could cost Scotland’s economy up to £10bn.

Why were these stories missing from Reporting Scotland?

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6 thoughts on “A BBC Scotland complaint – Ignoring Brexit Analysis

  1. davery

    They were missing because Scotland is an
    colony and the media is governed by our administrative centre London.

    In the week that Westminster celebrates female suffrage Theresa May and the Tories remind us that Scots regardless of gender have no voice in the UK because like Ireland before us we are a colony.

  2. Robert Graham

    All this rubbish has to be moved up a notch , it cant be just left some determined people like Peter A Bell etc , i bet these people have better things to do rather than try to make sure democracy is actually functioning in this country with a free questioning press and media .

    The Scottish government must as a matter of urgency meet this head on , even try and enlist assistance from the EU or if they wont or cant assist approach the UN its getting that serious .

  3. Cadogan Enright

    suggest you edit this article (and complaint) contrast and compare the BBC’s coverage of Mundell and Davidson last year when they accused the Scottish Government of ‘scaremongering’

    This latest report is actually worse than the independent figures produced by the Scottish Government

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation acting in accordance with its Charter.

    It exists to protect and promote the Union.

    No Union = no continuation of the plunder of Scotlands natural resources for the benefit of the SE of England and the Establishment.

    Don’t pay the BritNat Propaganda Tax.

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