A BBC Scotland complaint – Gordon Brewer … ‘the SNP government’

The following complaint relates to comments made by BBC Scotland presenter Gordon Brewer on the Sunday edition of Good Morning Scotland.  Discussing the controversial issue of P1 assessments, the presenter referred to the “SNP government” instead of the technically correct “Scottish government”.


Complaint submitted Sept 20th

On the weekend edition of Good Morning Scotland, broadcast on Sunday Sept 16th, an exchange took place between the show presenters and colleague Gordon Brewer.  The exchange related to the controversy on Primary 1 assessments which were to be the subject of a vote at Holyrood that coming week.

Near the end of the exchange, Gordon Brewer said: “His [John Swinney] education bill was withdrawn right at the very end of the last parliamentary term, and this is supposed to be the SNP government’s flagship policy.”

The clip can be heard here:


This habit amongst reporters and presenters of using the term ‘SNP Ministers’ or ‘SNP Government’ on issues deemed controversial and that offer an opportunity of attack by opponents of the SNP, is one that is pervasive on BBC Scotland.

I would thus like to see the following:

1. An acknowledgement that this practice is unacceptable.

2. A formal acknowledgement that production teams at BBC Scotland will be informed that the practice of describing the Scottish Govt as the ‘SNP Govt’ on exclusively controversial issues will end, unless reporters or presenters are quoting a third party.


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8 thoughts on “A BBC Scotland complaint – Gordon Brewer … ‘the SNP government’

  1. John

    Thank you for raising this . I thought they were going to fix this after the last complaint about this was upheld by the regulator , what happened to that ? , do the presenters just not want to comply with that and insist it has to be SNPbaad !

  2. Robert Graham

    Oh is this propaganda bit still on , and following the same sad format get the SNP they are to blame for everything under the sun , even when things are being done well they always include the most commonly used word by presenters on BBC Scotland ” BUT”

  3. Richard

    I refuse to believe that this is pure journalistic ignorance; that of itself is an oxymoron. I believe, as do many others, that this is deliberate. There is no other reason for it.

  4. Scott

    This comment is in regard the P1 report.

    Second council considers scrapping controversial P1 tests

    On Wednesday, MSPs backed a Conservative motion calling on the government to scrap the scheme, which sees P1 children assessed in numeracy and literacy.

    Again the BBC is using the word scrap in this report they just don’t care theycan say anything knowing they will get away with it,Another complaint into them called for.

  5. Clydebuilt

    BBC Radio 4 Archive on 4 . . “What if there never was a ‘truth’ era before ‘post -truth’
    9 to 10pm

    Examines a century of disinformation to identify tricks and techniques that are still in use today . . . . .

    At one point concentrates on a population told constant lies.

  6. Stoker

    This very deliberate & arrogant practice is also extremely disrespectful. How can the BBC claim to be operating with the most professional of standards when they frequently resort to such amateurish levels?

    The BBC in Scotland has no right whatsoever to demand, or even expect, respect when they themselves often display this childish & petty level of unprofessional amateurism.

    Thanks for raising this issue with them, i look forward to the response. Even though i’ve a good idea of the content of that response already. Well done and thanks again.

  7. bringiton

    A news reader on the BBC last week refering to RT as the Russian state funded broadcaster.
    What’s sauce for the goose….
    The British state funded broadcaster.

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      I preferred:

      British Nationalist State Broadcaster


      BritNat Neo Facist State Broadcaster.

      Take your pick (both are accurate).

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