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A BBC Complaint – Salmond allegations: David Clegg on Newsnight – Towards Indyref2…

A BBC Complaint – Salmond allegations: David Clegg on Newsnight

Below is a complaint submitted to the BBC following an appearance by Daily Record political editor David Clegg on UK Newsnight following news of Alex Salmond’s resignation from the SNP.


Complaint submitted on August 29th

I write to complain of bias in tonight’s BBC Two Newsnight programme on the resignation of Alex Salmond. There were two interviews in this programme. The first was a factual statement of background events by your correspondent David Grossman, and the second was a highly coloured rhetorical piece by David Clegg claiming that Salmond’s resignation had split the SNP apart.

Where was the third piece, claiming that the resignation was a shrewd political act that takes he pressure of Nicola Sturgeon? You gave only one side of the story – that’s the first point I want to make.

The second point I want to make is that you ignored what surely is an even more startling and newsworthy aspect of this story, which is the speed at which the crowdfunder raised the money. By 10.30pm, when you went on air, the appeal had raised £32,000, or 64 percent of the £50,000 which it was asking for over 28 days. Not to have included a reference to this in your report looks like incompetent journalism.

My third point is that if you give a platform to a commentator with views as highly coloured as those of David Clegg, you really should give equal time to an opponent. Clegg’s contribution lasted 3mins 17secs, which was 37 percent longer than the factual introduction (2mins 17secs).

In that time he claimed that Salmond had “taken a swipe at Sturgeon” (he hadn’t), that there was “open warfare” and “internal division” in the SNP (there isn’t), and that “criminality” that pervades this affair (whose criminality?). He also confused the SNP with the Scottish Government (they’re not the same). A responsible public service broadcaster would have brought in in a third commentator to provide a more judicious perspective.

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18 thoughts on “A BBC Complaint – Salmond allegations: David Clegg on Newsnight

  1. Jason Smoothpiece

    In fairness to the BBC, mouthpiece of the Regime, they are under pressure as is Westminster.

    The problem is the previously stupid Scots have woken up to the poorly told lies and spin coming from the Regime via the press and the broadcasters.

    The problem is exacerbated by internet access this greatly hinders the message from the centre going out unchallenged, damn inconvenient what.

    The situation is causing concern as every recent attack has resulted in more members for the SNP and many more folk moving to independence.

    The walk out from Westminster and the leaking of the allegations against Mr Salmond being only two of many miscalculations by the Regime.

    I would say the Regime need to get their act together and target a senior member of the independence movement and do it properly this faffing about is getting them nowhere it is only benefiting the Scots and Scotland, this won’t do.

  2. Proud Cybernat

    “…highly coloured as those of David Clegg.”

    Would those colours be red, white and blue?

    Or just orange?

  3. Brian McGowan

    I saw this “interview”. I was shouting at the screen. A totally misrepresentation of the facts by Clegg. MacWhirter is saying the same. I have already expressed my disquiet to him.
    It is not reality that this situation will split the SNP, it is the wish of the unionist media,

  4. John

    All out war from Glegg and the editor that allows it , hopefully it will backfire when reasonable Scots see the dirty game they are playing to get Labour into power in Scotland , and stop buying their sensationaist comic . Absolute desperation has set in from Labour ! .

    1. Elizabeth Devine

      I think I read that Ofcom is run by or was created by the Scottish office ( Mundell)
      I’m not certain but there is some dubious control connection there .

  5. Peta smith

    Really object to the lies that are daily passed as truth.
    Please just start doing yr job properly.

  6. Robert Graham

    Every comment made should be presented in Alex’s defence to highlight and show the obviously hostile atmosphere this internal inquiry has been conducted , any inquiry under these circumstances is therefore tainted as the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is gone ,

    By making the insinuations public as was proposed i believe was a fishing trip to get more disgruntled people who harbour a grudge against Alex or the SNP to come forward .

    I dont think the implications of what is now transpiring have really been anticipated and thought through , instead of undermining the Independence movement it has unquestionably shaken it into action , actions have consequences . #DisolveTheUnion

  7. Eleanor Ramsay

    This whole thing smacks to me of a set up….as for the bbc propaganda machine, they don’t have any journalists working for them, only yes men and women.
    Hope this whole Alex thing backfires spectacularly.
    Certainly helping swell our membership!

  8. Robert Roddick

    David Clegg is a rabid British Nationalist and it is quite shameful of the BBC to allow such a person to comment without unfounded accusations being answered. I found it particularly appalling that he alluded to having ”other” information. A classical smear modus operandi

  9. Scot ForIndy

    I’m starting to think The BritNat Establishment have no intention of these accusations going to court.
    They’ve allowed their own side unfettered access to TV to push the agenda of “guilty by opinion” and have deliberately made it near impossible for a fair trial.
    Their lackeys in the Press have pushed the Salmond/Sturgeon/SNP/Independence are finished line with unhidden glee.
    A manufactured situation to try and keep Scotland tied to this despicable union .
    With a rabid unionist MSM spreading the agenda , no trial is needed. A trial which , if they lost, would expose any underhanded machinations.
    Nope….why risk it when it can be delivered via innuendo and smearing from a compliant Press/TV while staying at a safe distance with feasible deniability.

  10. K Higgins

    Journalistic lies and fabrication with sensationalism thrown in is shameful and does your profession absolutely no good whatsoever. Like most fair-minded people, I Absolutely detest public trial and degradation by biased Media. No wonder hardly anyone buys newspapers anymore. The dark side of Unionism has become a disease of epidemic proportions spread by most UK Media. Independence will be the ultimate reward for the Scots.

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