9% pay rise for Scottish NHS workers

NHS employees and unions in Scotland have formally accepted a pay rise of at least 9% over the next three years.

The increase, which is the most generous health pay uplift anywhere in the UK, will benefit 147,000 ‘Agenda for Change’ employees including all nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals.

It has been agreed as part of a package in which the pay rise is linked to a commitment to  reform four areas of terms and conditions. The package will ensure that NHS staff will continue to receive a fair wage, and that the NHS will be able to deliver the flexible services needed for the future.

Employees earning up to £80,000 will receive a minimum cumulative uplift of 9% while those on £80,000 or more will get a flat rate increase of £1,600 a year. Staff not at the top of their pay bands will also receive any incremental progression they are due.

The offer was agreed between the Scottish Government, NHS employers and unions in June. A consultative ballot closed on Wednesday and was formally accepted today.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said:

“Scotland’s NHS is founded on the hard work and dedication of its staff. This agreement is a recognition of that hard work.

“I’m delighted that NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ staff have voted to accept our offer of a pay rise of at least 9% over the next three years. This rise – which is linked to a commitment to reform some terms and conditions – will be up to 27% for some staff. That is the highest health uplift in the UK.

“This pay rise can help recruitment and retention and ensure that our NHS remains an attractive employment option for many.”


By 2020/21, Scottish staff will be significantly better paid than NHS staff anywhere else in the UK. For example, relative to staff in England:

  • Pay for a porter at the top of Band 2 will be over £1,200 more
  • Pay for a healthcare assistant at the top of Band 3 will be over £1,450 more
  • Pay for a healthcare support worker at the top of Band 4 will be over £800 more
  • Pay for a ward nurse at the top of Band 5 will be over £1,030 more
  • Pay for a paramedic at the top of Band 6 will be nearly £1,280 more
  • Pay for an advanced nurse practitioner at the top of Band 7 will be over £1,500 more

The four areas of reform to terms and conditions are: sickness absence policy; organisational change and future protection of earnings; policy on time off for those who have worked additional hours and appraisal and career progression.

Details of any changes to terms and conditions will be agreed by December 2018 with implementation from April 2019.

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10 thoughts on “9% pay rise for Scottish NHS workers

  1. Robert Graham

    I haven’t checked yet but if the BBC in Scotland follow the usual script any report will contain the BBC’s much used word ” B U T ” if they have to report anything the Scottish Government are doing that they cant find fault with they insert ” B U T ” its just what they do its their default position in order to protect the union ,

    Most Scots if they get their News from the MSM and the BBC probably think the whole country is falling apart and nothing works , a quick look round makes them wonder what is going on .

    1. John

      Let’s see if they give it any air time , after all it’s a good news story and the BBC in Scotland don’t normally report them , if they report it ,wait for the so called experts or the Better Together Unionists to come on with a “but ” ! .

      1. Alasdair Macdonald

        Spot on! Absolutely nothing on the website. Nor did I hear anything on the bits of bulletins I listened to.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    The only British Nationalist Trades Union to reject this pay offer was the GMB.


    The same GMB that Richard “Who?” Leonard and Paul “Vote NO fellow shipyard workers” Sweeny are members of.

    This despite UNISON, Scotland’s largest Health Workers Union, calling on the Scottish Government to set up formal structures to negotiate direct with NHS Unions in Scotland, and officially leave the UK’s NHS Pay Review Body.


    BritNat Labour in Scotland and their Placemen and women in the Trade Union Movement exist only to defend their places at the trough and the Treaty of Union through their British Nationalist NUJ “Comrades” in the BBC and MSM not the workers or the people of Scotland.

    1. John

      This is across the board not doctors , our NHS depends on everyone from cleaners to neuro -surgeons , they are all entitled to a decent wage . Owing to Tory cuts to the health service to see their banker pals out of a tight spot , public sector workers wages have hardly moved in years !

  3. Jason Smoothpiece

    New doctors are paid less than bus drivers for your information.

    Senior NHS managers of course they might be killing the NHS.

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      Don’t forget the NHS Boards like Grampian are full of BritNats like Dame Anne Begg who was photographed holding a Better Together banner with the Scottish Convener of the National Front during Indy Ref 1. It also has 2 Conservative and Unionist in Scotland Councillors and a FibDem Councillor in their number.

      We are expected to believe that they “ contribute to making strategic decisions about health and health care in Grampian“ taking a neutral position.

      Do you really think these people would choose to improve the SNHS under an SNP Government showing up the previous BritNat Labour/FibDem Coalitions lamentable Governance?

      Much like Ireland in the 20’s and 30’s there are individuals in positions who have an allegiance to a foreign Government.

      They undoubtedly count the electorate as collateral damage in their quest for EssEnnPeeBaaad in defence of the Union.

  4. millie

    The following article on Radiologist shortages appeared on the UK BBC website this evening, and was picked up on the BBC Scotland news site a little later.


    It appears to have a significant negative Scottish angle (although it is a UK article) and seems to be ‘based’ on the following report.


    The point is,- if you scroll to the bottom of this staffing report it shows that Scotland has 5.5 Radiology Consultants per 100,000 population. Second only to Northern Ireland with 6.

    By contrast, England has 4.8 per 100,000 population.

    I find this to be a really strange way of reporting from the BBC- since they haven’t even linked to the ‘UK Report’ on radiologists.

  5. Me Bungo Pony

    As an NHS employee (and Unite Rep), I rejected this offer. The pay side was fine. No problems with that. But to accept a deal when a substantial part of it (terms and conditions) is still to be negotiated is madness to me.

    Pay is not the only problem in the NHS. Most NHS workers have a relatively reasonable wage despite the below average pay awards. Conditions of work are also a MAJOR issue. If they are worsened by this deal recruitment and retention will become even more problematic than it is now with all the subsequent problems of staffing that entails.

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